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Power BI Preview update

Headshot of article author The Power BI Team

We’re very glad to announce a new update for the Power BI Preview. This month’s update includes new features and improvements, addresses a number of bugs, and implements other enhancements to the performance and stability of the Power BI service.

What’s New in the Power BI Service

This update includes the following new features and improvements:

You can try these features out now in the service, or read below for more details.

GitHub and SendGrid Connector

The GitHub dashboard has several improvements including:

  • Updated layout for faster insights
  • Improved calculations
  • Added focus on community building


The SendGrid dashboards and reports also have a new updated layout and new charts to help gain better insights.


In this update, we are providing you even more ways to use treemaps with your data. When you type questions in the question box, you can now add the phrase ‘as treemap’ to the end of your question to graph the data as a treemap.


In addition, treemaps can now be pinned to your dashboard. When you click the pin button from either Q&A or reports…

… the treemap will be added to your dashboard.


Bug Fixes and Quality Improvements

As with every update, we’ve also fixed lots of bugs and issues reported by many of you through the Contact Support option in the service. We encourage you to continue sending us feedback about the product and reporting any issues that you may find while working with Power BI.

We hope that you enjoy this update. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon…