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6/7 Webinar: Building Accessible Power BI Reports by Meagan Longoria

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I have been lucky enough to co-present with Meagan a couple of times last month (on Design and Administration); so when she mentioned the two topics that really excite her: Reporting and Accessibility, just like Reese’s peanut butter cups we had the perfect marriage for this weeks Power BI Webinar topic:

Building Accessible Power BI Reports

Accessibility is catering for your whole audience, including those with disabilities. According to the US Census Bureau, 19 percent of the of the population had a disability in 2010. Do you know if your reports are designed in an inclusive way such that everyone in your intended audience can use them? While this question is relevant for every organization, this can be especially important if you are making reports for government entities, educational institutions, or the general public. In this session, we’ll discuss accessibility features available in Power BI today and how to design your Power BI reports with inclusiveness in mind.

When: 6/7/2018 10AM PST


Meagan Longoria

About Meagan Longoria 

Meagan Longoria is a business intelligence consultant with BlueGranite who lives in Denver, Colorado. She is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP. Meagan spends a lot of time thinking about how to use Biml, DAX, and data visualization techniques to make data useful for people. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences at conferences and user group meetings as well as through her blog (