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Power BI on the Go

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What immediate impact did a morning press release have on your social metrics and visits to your website? With Power BI mobile apps—for iOS, Android, and Windows devices—you can check the latest data wherever you are, and share them instantly with your colleagues. Let’s explore some of the neat touch-optimized features you can use on the go.

Check your dashboard

Power BI dashboards enable you to monitor your data in a single view. View your dashboards, interact with visualizations, and share annotated information—all from your mobile device.
Tap to open a dashboard on your tablet or smartphone. Swipe to see your available dashboards.
The tiles displayed on the dashboard are live snapshots of your data. To interact with a tile, just tap it.
Suppose you want to collect your favorite tiles together in one place.  Just tap to mark specific tiles as favorites. They appear in a separate “favorites” dashboard.
You can interact with individual visualizations on tiles. Suppose you’re interested in viewing values for specific points in a line chart. In this example, you would drag the bar horizontally to see the sales amounts for individual months.
For a pie chart, tap a slice to see its values, or spin the pie to display the values of the segment at the top of the pie.
Want to be notified when your data change beyond certain levels? You can set rules to be alerted when single number tiles in your dashboard exceed limits that you set. With data-driven alerts, you can gain insights and take action wherever you’re located.
Want to share your dashboard from your mobile device? Invite colleagues by sharing links to your dashboards. The people you share it with need to sign up for Power BI, too.
You can share snapshots of tiles plus your annotations with anyone. Tap Share, add lines, text, or stamps, and then mail to recipients, right from your tablet or smartphone.

Interact with reports

There are other cool features for interacting with reports.
Want to sort how data appears in a chart? Tap the chart and apply a sorting rule.
The cross-filtering capability enables you to see at a glance how data highlighted in one chart relates to values displayed in another chart. In this example, tap the urban column in the top chart and see the data for the urban category highlighted in the lower chart.
In some charts, you can drill down to view the values that make up one part of the chart. In this example, if you double-tap on the Functional columns in the left chart, the Power BI app displays constituent data in the right chart. Tap the up arrow to drill back up to the parent chart.
Power BI mobile apps enable you to view, interact with, and share your personalized dashboards and reports anywhere, any time. You can start experiencing Power BI on the go right now. Sign up for free today.