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[Webinar] Content Packs and Direct Query

Headshot of article author Miguel Martinez

Join Power BI Program Manager Theresa Palmer to learn about Power BI content packs and direct query capabilities.

Power BI offers a variety of ways to easily connect and explore data that is important to you. Power BI comes with out-of-box content packs which consist of a ready-made dashboard, sets of reports and a curated data set. With these content packs for over 20 supported services including Salesforce and Google Analytics, you’re set to explore and monitor what’s important. You can also leverage the direct query capabilities to build visuals and reports that send queries back to the original data source. With direct query, no intermediate data model is required and the visuals are set to refresh at a regular interval, as often as 15 minutes. Either option allows for quick and meaningful insight into your data using Power BI.

Who should attend?Business Intelligence professionals, developers and IT professionals.

Join us Thursday August 27th, 2015  10:00-11:00AM PDT REGISTER NOW!