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Premium Gen 2 timeline update – Capacity size enforcement and autoscale charges coming up

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Update (July 26th 2021): 

This announcement is obsolete. an up to date announcement has been posted here

Thanks to the great feedback received from all the organizations who opted in to the Premium Gen 2 public preview, we are happy to start moving forward with making the new platform the  standard platform for Power BI Premium.

When launched, we announced a window of time ,where autoscale will not be charged-for, and capacities sizes will not be actively enforced, so customers could get accustomed to the new approach for usage level evaluation. This window is expiring soon.

Starting May 17th, 2021, If a Premium capacity or a Power BI Embedded capacity is opted into the Gen 2 public preview,  and exceeds it’s  maximum utilization, report viewing and interaction taking place during the time of overload may be affected by reduced responsiveness.

Capacity admins for Power BI Premium capacities, can configure autoscale to avoid said reduced responsiveness, but be aware that starting June 14th, 2021, Microsoft will begin charging Azure subscriptions for autoscale on an hourly basis as advertised in our pricing page.

Autoscale is a completely optional feature and isn’t mandatory for any user of Premium capacities. Autoscale costs can be capped and spending limited, in advance.

To evaluate if a capacity may show reduced responsiveness or automatically scale, capacity admins should use the gen 2 capacity metrics app and evaluate capacity usage levels and their drivers. The app will also undergo 2 major updates that align with the timelines above.

After the above changes are in effect, Premium gen 2 capacities  is expected to be announced Generally Available during July 2021.
The gen2 platform will be automatically applied to all Premium capacities after general availability as a service update. Stay tuned for more details on this service update in the coming weeks

Please be mindful of the Gen 2 Preview program timelines above summarized below for your convenience.