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Updated Timeline and milestones for Premium Gen2 General Availability

Headshot of article author David Magar

We are happy to share the up-to-date plans to reach general availability of the next generation Power BI Premium platform.

We have received great customer feedback during the public preview process and decided to adjust launch dates to implement the feedback received regarding the capacity metrics app and we will launch a new app to address it.

The new, redesigned app will include many new features like:

  • Memory tracking for datasets:
  • Performance profiling for artifacts hosted on your capacity:
  • Overload analysis including artifacts causing it and the severity of the effects:


The app is expected to begin rolling out as public preview on the week of August 12th. Stay tuned for a detailed announcement with accommodating documentation.

The next generation of Power BI Premium (Gen 2) will be Generally Available the week of Sept 27th. As of the exact date, all new premium capacities created will be Gen 2 capacities, and a few weeks after the announcement, timelines will be communicated for migration of all Gen 1 capacities to Gen 2. Charges for autoscale v-cores will begin taking place 30 days after Premium Gen 2 is Generally Available. Until that date, autoscale v-cores will not be charged for.

The Power BI team is thankful for its community for its continuous use of Power BI Premium and the gen2 Preview. Your valuable feedback is heard and considered, please continue expressing it by commenting below.

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