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Announcing the Campaign & Brand Management for Facebook Pages

Today, we are excited to announce a new Power BI solution template – the Campaign/Brand Management template for Facebook! This solution template adds to the growing library of social analytics solution templates including the Campaign/Brand Management for Twitter and Advanced Search for Bing News solution templates.


Powerful Yet Easy to Use

This latest solution template provides powerful yet easy to understand analytics on any Facebook page. After defining one or many Facebook Pages to follow, you can quickly navigate posts and comments, identify key trends, understand user sentiment, and uncover how well users are engaged.

The solution template combines Azure services and sophisticated Microsoft research technologies to provision powerful social analytics on Facebook in a matter of a few clicks. All you need is a Facebook account, an Azure subscription and one or more Facebook pages to follow. Behind the scenes, the template will set up and configure everything for you including going back in time to pull as many posts and comments you wish to analyze.


Follow your competitors

The solution template allows you to follow any number of Facebook pages – not just your own but any public Facebook page. This gives you the ability to compare and contrast yourselves against your competitors.



Analyze historical data

By default, the solution template brings in 90 days of posts and comments from Facebook and allows you to perform month over month trend analysis to measure how well your page is being received. As a brand manager, reacting to negative sentiment and responding to customer feedback is essential in ensuring a successful social brand. The template helps you achieve this by providing key measures and statistics to help you maximize the performance of your Facebook pages. These include user reactions, the response rates to negative user posts, and trending key phrases color coded by sentiment.



Try it out & let us know

Go ahead and check out the Facebook solution template, you can try out an interactive sample report, watch a demo video, or just go ahead and set things up! The team is always interested in any thoughts or feedback – you can reach us through our alias ( or by leaving a comment on the Power BI Solution Template Community page.