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PBIRS Jan 2019 Report URL Parameters not working in Chrome

When I include a url report parameter in Chrome, the report does not render and I get the error. below  The same report will display properly in IE with the report url parameters.  Thi...

Power BI SSO with SAP HANA using on premise gateway

Hi,   We just implemented Power BI and trying to setup SSO with SAP HANA using an on premise gateway. I followed the following steps to set up the SSO. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/po...

Re: Filtering in Power Query

@sv11   You can add a custom column =Text.Length([Field Name]) Then filter out this column for 11

Re: Variable usage in CALCULATE statement

v-jiascu-msft:   I just wanted to compact the formula, and your solution has done that.   Thanks!

Re: Weighted Average Seasonality

I think I have solved it with this measure...    Weighted_Average_Seasonality = DIVIDE( SUMX(     ADDCOLUMNS(         SUMMARIZE...

Re: Feedback regarding new modeling view

This has NOT been "Delivered". This does NOT beling in the "Ideas" forum. This is a BUG. It is a persistant problem that has existed for months. It is NOT resoved or fixed or delivered. PLEASE FIX TH...

Re: How to capture all the selected values from a slicer and use it on a measure with IN VALUES()

Hey @AlB. Let me ask you. I can use your measure to returns me the quantity of rows or it is necessary to create a new one? I tried to adapt but it doesn't work.  Thanks!

Re: On Premise Power bi report requirment

If you have SQL Enterprise with software assurance then yes PBIRS is included with that. You do not need any additional licensing to upload reports to that report server. 

Re: Dataset refresh in Power BI service takes exponentially longer today compared to a normal day

I can't get them to refresh at all. Did you open a support ticket? I did yesterday but no one's responded.

Re: SVG Trend Indicator

Strangely it doesn’t work in Chrome or Firefox but it does work in Edge - never seen in issue like this that way round, its usually vice versa. I’ve raised a ticket with Microsoft so will see what th...

Rolling 12 Month Trend Line when selecting a month

So I am wanting to create a Trend Chart that will show a rolling 12 month trend line.  If I select Jan. 2019 as a slicer I want it to show from last January to this one in the trend.  ...

Re: Calculated Column of Monthly Sales Total

Measure = CALCULATE(sum(Table16[Sales]),filter(ALLSELECTED(Table16),Table16[DateTime].[MonthNo] = maxx(Table16,Table16[DateTime].[MonthNo]) && Table16[DateTime].[Year] = maxx( Table16,Table16...

Re: Problems opening popups

Hi Yes, it is running on an Windows 10 machine. I did what you suggested, but it didn't work.   For example now I'm trying to edit relations:      

Re: Logic help IF? Switch? Contains?

Awesome, I probably wasn't visualizing the problem properly in my head. Glad you were able to solve it though!

Re: Dashboard Vendas no Power BI

Boa Gerson!! Grande trabalho.

Re: Unpivot columns

I need to create similar experience, except with calculated measures, hence they do not show up in query editor.  Data looks similar to the previous example, with the exception of my two calcul...

Re: how can I export to PDF few Tabs / pages?

SingleT -   Sorry to hear that it's not working for you.  From https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-bi/desktop-export-to-pdf: " The Export to PDF process will export all visible pag...

Re: Method to show different filtered results from the same table on the same visualization

I'll make a guess as I'm not confident with DirectQuery BUT in this mode, AFAIK, each "slicer" selection actually queries the dataset. So one visual->one query. Therefore I don't think it's someth...

Re: Creating visual with data on the same row

Hi, and thak you for pointing me in the right direction. However, I am relatively new to DAX and Power Bi and were not very succesful, would you mind taking the time to show how the code should be in...

Re: Group Dates into date ranges

@Paul_PowerBI Please see attached file for DAX solution   My apologies for late reply   It works with your sample data  

Re: Help for calculating multiple fields of multiple table in many to many relationship!

Please help or point me to some dỉection so i can figure it out. Tks

Power Query with multiple users

I hope this question is allowed because I'm using Excel instead of Power BI, but because they both share the same technique when it comes to queries I figured I could ask it here. Please tell me if I...

Re: Extract ID from textstring

Thanks! Sorry however if I wasnt clear, I need the function to work in power query. This is a loading table to another query at the end of the process

Re: SVG Trend Indicator

This doesn't seem to work in the latest update of PowerBI service - I get a missing image placeholder instead of the SVG. Any idea why that might be? It still works fine in PBI Desktop but ...

Re: Rows total is not matching with grand total

hi, @mahanteshc This looks like a measure totals problem. Very common. See this post about it here: https://community.powerbi.com/t5/DAX-Commands-and-Tips/Dealing-with-Measure-Totals/td-p/63...