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Re: SVG Trend Indicator

Just tried that and the SVG is sound. I have deployed this with different SVGs in 3 different projects and they all simultanously broke with the Feb update of PBI so there must be a change in PBI som...

Re: PowerBI Gateway Fails to sync with MySQL

I am able to refresh in desktop, but it is just slow.   Have tried to delete and re setup dataset but it fails after resetting it up.   Any other suggestions are appreciated.   I...

The key influencers visualization does not render after publishing the desktop to the service.

I have used the key influencers visualization rolled out in February 2019 and it seem to work fine. However, when I publish the desktop file, it does not render on the service.  It providers an ...

Re: Calculated Column of Monthly Sales Total

That got me much closer! My formula below works as a measure but I can't use it as a report level filter. I tried using the same code for a caculated column and it just shows all blanks. Is there a w...

Re: Measure that shows the sum of units sold of month selected -1

Thanks but it still doesn't work.  I use  mes-1= calculate(sum(Sales[Units]),filter(Sales,month(Sales[Date])=month(today())-1),filter(sales,year(Sales[Dates])=year(today()))) But It only...

Re: Bug with Filterpane, all labels blank in new Filter pane while present in editing mode.

I have a user also reporting this issue. I will try getting the Feb. version of Power BI Desktop, then modifying and re-publishing the report...

Re: Not able to publish "Update App"

Also having the same issue today.

Re: Opened vs closed column chart with date filter

Been trying to use this formula but trying not to count rows for closed dates that are blank as the incidents are not closed yet.

Re: The key influencers visualization does not render after publishing the desktop to the service.

I have the same question, on the limitation of this new visual, it does not mention it is not available on the services   What are the limitations for preview? The Key influencers visual is c...

Re: If text column CONTAINS specified value, give me what I want

Hi,   Share a dataset and show the expected result.

PBIRS Jan 2019 Report URL Parameters not working in Chrome

When I include a url report parameter in Chrome, the report does not render and I get the error. below  The same report will display properly in IE with the report url parameters.  Thi...

Power BI SSO with SAP HANA using on premise gateway

Hi,   We just implemented Power BI and trying to setup SSO with SAP HANA using an on premise gateway. I followed the following steps to set up the SSO. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/po...

Re: Filtering in Power Query

@sv11   You can add a custom column =Text.Length([Field Name]) Then filter out this column for 11

Re: Variable usage in CALCULATE statement

v-jiascu-msft:   I just wanted to compact the formula, and your solution has done that.   Thanks!

Re: Weighted Average Seasonality

I think I have solved it with this measure...    Weighted_Average_Seasonality = DIVIDE( SUMX(     ADDCOLUMNS(         SUMMARIZE...

Re: Can't Publish reports to my new Pro account

Hello, are you using the pro account credential in your PBIX when you sign in there?    

Re: How to capture all the selected values from a slicer and use it on a measure with IN VALUES()

VAR MonthYearSelected = SELECTEDVALUE(Table_MonthYear[MonthYear]) will only return a single month or BLANK with this syntax, so you will not pass the multiple values this way VALUES should work f...

Re: Exporting report to PowerPoint. Charts NOT as images

Hi,   I don't think that sort of conversion is currently possible, but you can embed the report directly on PowerPoint using PowerBI Tiles.

Re: Create a compound chart using a line chart and a KPI

I understand that I can use filter by week , filter type as 'top N', and show items with the number... but I want that number change every week.. Is it possible?

Re: The ability to wrap text in visual titles

This feature has been released as of the February 2019 desktop update: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/power-bi-desktop-february-2019-feature-summary/ Thanks to all who voted for the idea a...

Re: Create second Calendar table from an original Calendar table

@Mark973 - OK, so crazy thought, why not just use a measure that returns N if it is not in the date range and Y if it is and use that as a visual filter instead of creating an entirely new table? &...

Re: Feedback regarding new modeling view

This has NOT been "Delivered". This does NOT beling in the "Ideas" forum. This is a BUG. It is a persistant problem that has existed for months. It is NOT resoved or fixed or delivered. PLEASE FIX TH...

Re: How to capture all the selected values from a slicer and use it on a measure with IN VALUES()

Hey @AlB. Let me ask you. I can use your measure to returns me the quantity of rows or it is necessary to create a new one? I tried to adapt but it doesn't work.  Thanks!

Re: On Premise Power bi report requirment

If you have SQL Enterprise with software assurance then yes PBIRS is included with that. You do not need any additional licensing to upload reports to that report server. 

Re: Dataset refresh in Power BI service takes exponentially longer today compared to a normal day

I can't get them to refresh at all. Did you open a support ticket? I did yesterday but no one's responded.