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The Lending Analysis solution offers a holistic view of Risk and Exposure. Explore loan portfolios and gain insights into improving lending efficiencies. Inadequate risk management can result in severe consequences for companies, The Lending Analysis solution provides a monitor of issued loans, and a view of the business exposure and possible recoveries, offering insights to strengthen the business risk management framework. We here at Dufrain can help businesses manage and unlock true value from their data. We have successfully delivered data management and BI projects providing valuable analytical expertise to our clients across the UK Finance, Risk, Marketing and Operations sectors. Things to look for Key Influencers, discover key influencing factors to the Interest Rate and the resulting increases and decreases Q and A, using natural language query, interrogate the data and build visuals on the fly Recoveries over Time, Drill down from Year, Quarter, Month to gain insights at a more granular level

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The Lending Analysis solution offers a view of the following 

Loans, view the current loan portfolio and explore the key influencing factors across Interest rates 

Exposure, analyse and explain the increases in at risk loans across loan grade bandings 

Recoveries, understand the decomposition of recoveries by loan purpose and status Users can view loans by several dimensions and see how they have performed over time, analysing their returns and or losses. 

The solution provides actionable insights to minimize the exposure to the business, providing comparative analysis by loan grade and geographical locations identifying the lowest performing loan classification, leading to better risk assessment and management of loans issued. The intuitive design will allow for ease of use, with a website style of navigation it makes full use of the available screen space to deliver and maximize content. With functionality such as focus mode and spotlight, information can be processed quicker and allows for easier absorption of information. 

As a Microsoft Partner our consultants are well versed in the Microsoft Data Tools and can easily integrate Power BI with your existing systems to deliver enterprise analytics, helping you to unlock the true value of your business data. 

We play to the strengths of our talented consultants, matching their skills and expertise as required to the different aspects involved with Power BI. Due to this approach of planning and landing resource as and when required, we are able to provide a flexible commercial approach that saves money Leading UK businesses trust us to help them to achieve new levels of efficiency with the Power BI platform

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