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Paginated Reports in Power BI September 2019 Feature Summary

Headshot of article author Christopher Finlan

Welcome back to another “New Feature Friday” for Paginated Reports in the Power BI service.  We’re pleased to announce three new features rolling out around paginated reports this week.

Comments for Paginated Reports

You may now add comments to your paginated reports in Power BI.  To add a comment, just click the Comments button in the report toolbar and type your comment in the right-hand pane.  Unlike Power BI reports, however, these are supported at the report level only, and not per visual.

Secure Embed support

You may now easily embed your paginated reports in other applications or BI portals using the Secure Embed feature just as you can other Power BI content.  This feature includes support for URL parameters, which we announced support for in August, for your scenarios as well.  You may choose this option from the File menu in the report toolbar.

Secure embed dialog showing the HTML embed code and the URL.

RDL Migration Tool on Github

To assist customers with moving reports from SQL Server Reporting Services to Power BI, we’ve released our summer intern project to the community on Github.  As part of the migration process, the tool will:

• Convert any shared data sources and datasets in these report files to be embedded in the report and save the files locally to disk.
• Check for unsupported datasources or report components when uploading to Power BI
• Save the converted files that pass these checks to a specified Power BI Workspace.
• Provide a summary of the successful and unsuccessful assets migrated

It is available now, so feel free to check it out on github where you can even contribute to the ongoing development of the tool and help expand its capabilities.

Thanks as always for your feedback and please let us know what you think about these latest updates in the comments below.  Look for a blog post in the very near future around the September 2019 release of Power BI Report Server as well!