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Three ways your business can build a better data culture

If you’re already using Microsoft Power BI Pro, you’ve learned how to unify all your data sources and create dashboards and reports that deliver useful business insights to decision makers. We’re sure that’s working out well for the business, and we bet it’s earned you some notice. Here are three tips that will help you get even more out of Power BI Pro and transform the data culture at your organization.

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What it takes to become a business intelligence hero

With Power BI Pro, you’ve learned how to shape data into a unified view in less time and with less effort, so you can deliver valuable business insight to decision makers when they need it. You don’t have to stop there. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talks about using data to change business culture so that, he says, “every organization, every team and every individual is empowered to do great things because of the data at their fingertips.” Now might be the right time for you to use the enhanced functionality in Power BI Pro to become a business intelligence hero—and help build a data culture in your organization.

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Congratulations to this month’s Featured Data Stories Gallery submissions

Last month we put out the call for custom visual submissions — along with other topics that interest you — to the Data Stories Gallery, and we got some fantastic entries! Congratulations to the grand winner and seven runners-up. The inspiration topic for December is “retail”: show us a great data story with any kind of retail data and win a Power BI t-shirt and badge of recognition!

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