Bellwether Technology - 3PL Drayage Management

This solution demonstrates how third party logistics firms can apply technology to their process of moving goods to, from, and between third parties for a complete view of driver performance, container tracking, and booking fulfillment.

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We present the view of Cargo Movers, a third party logistics (3PL) firm in New Orleans, as of July 31st, 2017 at approximately 3:30pm local time.


The Today tab answers the question, "How are we doing right now?"  Immediately, one sees the series of comparative KPIs, tracking progress versus prior periods.  Also included is a critical KPI which calculates capacity of moves for the current fleet for the remainder of the day, and compares it against how many containers are due to third parties today.  The remainder of the report shows which drivers have moved how many items throughout the day, as well as other charts to help answer the question, "How are we doing right now?"  Speaking of driver performance, right click on Gibson's bar and drill through to his driver log...

Driver Log

The Driver Log tab answers the question, "How productive was driver X on date Y?"  In a live situation, this report would also include information on pay earned, restricted by role to a particular group of users.  This tab could also be published as a stand-alone report in a separate app for drivers, who want to ensure that they're receiving credit for all of their runs, and could have access via a role in which information is restricted only to transactions associated with that particular driver's ID.

Upcoming Bookings

This tab is a critical decision driver for operations, who can see clearly when they'll have more demand than drivers on staff, and can alter plans accordingly by hiring third party drivers, or working with operations to see if the throughput can be smoothed out.  Skipping drill through, the report carries its own table listing future bookings and the status of containers associated with them.  The most important question answered by this report is, "Do we have the right staffing level to support the business that we have coming up?"


The first of two reference tabs that will have lower use levels than the others, the location tab simply cuts the data in another useful way.  Users would use this tab to answer ad hoc inquiries about bookings coming through a particular wharf or warehouse.

Daily Performance

The second reference tab, aimed at allowing users to answer quickly when asked about what happened on a particular day.  For example, "Which of our drivers did some extra work on Saturday, July 15th?"

We hope that you enjoy our work, and our question-based approach to producing visuals and reports.  Please visit us at for more details.

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