Ingraphic - Office 365 Insight

Office 365 Insight is an analytic reporting solution that gives IT and digitalization projects the details they need to make better decisions for the adoption and usage of Office 365. Reports include adoption and trend analysis for better understanding the usage of Yammer, Teams, Skype, SharePoint, Outlook and OneDrive. With the ability to extend the solution with more granular department data and company related information.

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Identification of challenges using Office 365 in Organizations

Today companies are rolling out Office 365 licenses to end users often without getting insight about how the new services and platforms are being used after deployment. One of the most important tasks for IT and digitalization projects is to follow up how users are embracing new services in Office 365 in their daily work. 

As part of implementing Office 365 in an organisation, following questions are important to answer to deliver better guiding, training and advisory on the platform:

How are users / departments using the different Office 365 products?
Do the users have enough training on how to use Office 365?
How is the adoption of the services doing over time?
How can we help the users to collaborate smarter ?
What strategic actions needs to be inplace to increase the collaboration?


Ingraphic's Office 365 Insight is addressed to be a decision reporting tool for detailed tracking and adoption off Office 365 related services. With the Insight reports companies can get a clearer picture of how users are using the platform and how daily collaboration is being done.

With the Office 365 Insight you get:

  • Granularity (Daily) - The ability to See adoption trends down to a daily level. Not limited to the last complete month. This will allow you to easily see how usage change after a launch event or product training.

  • History (no limit) - Since the storage is based on your own resources, there are no limit to how long of a usage history you can store. You can decide.

  • Your own Org Chart - Enrich your usage data by using data for Azure AD or your own org chart. Get insight on the organization level, division, region, department etc.

  • Define “Active User” - You can decide what counts as “active user” and see the adoption trend on your own terms. Example: is an active user of outlook reading, sending or just receiving email? 

  • Compare products - Example: compare usage between Skype chat vs Teams chat. 

  • Usage by Device – Get more details on how users are using the different apps and services in their daily usage. 

  • Department insight – By delegating and enable RLS, different department get an overview of how they are using Office 365 as a collaboration platform

Using Power BI, Ingraphic has built a dynamic reporting solution that transforms daily activity from the organisation into insights. With the insight, new adoption actions can be performed. To create better and smarter services to end users and give the organisation ROI for using Office 365.

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