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Pulse Business Solutions

Enterprise Intelligence: the right information at the right time

Deploying Enterprise Intelligence is a simple and intuitive solution that enables you and your employees to retrieve accurate and reliable information on any device. This valuable data enhances the management, verification and optimisation processes at your company.

Critical factors to taking crucial decisions at all levels of your company are reliable reporting and analysis. Pulse takes the Enterprise Intelligence solution beyond the boundaries of the Microsoft standard, independent of the Dynamics AX version.

What is the current status? What is the next step? Can I collate and combine data from multiple systems? Can I generate historic periodic comparisons? Or clarify complex reporting issues? What about scrutinising the specifics in more detail – can I zoom in to reveal the facts behind the figures?'. The list goes on.

Switch from a reactive to a proactive role by fully integrating Enterprise Intelligence with Microsoft Power BI and the Role Centre in Dynamics AX.

Optimise your information flow

Enterprise Intelligence offers reporting options ranging from high to detailed level (from ledgers to orders, invoices, etc.) with a unique functionality to generate periodic comparisons (both actuals and cumulative). This same feature extends to include (older) systems and solutions (e.g. inventory systems) being used additional to Dynamics AX. A few examples of zooming-in options:

  • Outline or detailed insights into your inventory, based on specific product characteristics
  • Thorough breakdown of financial dimensions over various company units (multi-company)

What are the advantages of Enterprise Intelligence?

  • Maximising the use of the applications available in the Microsoft platform results in:
    - Lower investment costs in additional software as multiple products are already accessible
    - Reduction in training time through application of a familiar user interface
    - Lower corporate risks thanks to secure authorisation protocol across the entire platform
  • Enterprise Intelligence features intelligent architecture and state-of-the-art technology – capabilities that reduce the burden on the production environment
  • The integrated nature of the solution eliminates information islands.

Which additional processes can be enhanced?

Microsoft offers 25 out-of-the-box cubes. Enterprise Intelligence offers industry-specific additional data structures (cubes) for:

  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory
  • Projects
  • Production

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