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Re: How to reference field with spaces in name

Hi @NotDave,   Please try to replace  the space by _x0020_.  Reference: Special characters in URL filters   Best regards, Yuliana Gu

Re: How to ignore external filters for specific columns.

Hi @Ryvius   It seems there's no better ways except 'Edit interactions'. Regards, Cherie

Re: Add a Button to export to Excel file - If possible, use variable within the file name

Hi @moinny   I'm afraid there's no better way to achieve that because there're only 3 actions for buttons.It cannot be used to export to excel.You may vote for this similar idea fo...

Re: Adding an Index Column based on more than one field

That did it!  Thank you so much LivioLanzo, you're a lifesaver!

New filter experience bug/issue

In Power BI service, on the new filter experience pane :   The text of the filtering fields is not visible. Keep up the good work though Rémi

Dataflow Payload error

I'm trying to setup a Dataflow in PBI Premium Workspace.  When I hit the "Refresh Now" icon I'm recieving this error.  Any ideas what might be the issue?   Error: An internal error ...

Measure that divides current month and next month

Hello Everyone,  I'm working in a report of sales and I'm trying to use a measure to calculate days of stock.  I have one table of sales and other table of stocks.  Days Of Stock ar...

Re: Development and production environments

Hi    Yes Thanks, it is possible to do this manually. And it is possible to duplicate a workspace using powershell.   https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/duplicate-workspaces-...

Re: Dataflow updating time

Thank you for the explanation Frank, now it's clear to me.   Best Regards, Gabriel Lopes

SAP AR Solution Template

Hello,   I cannot find anymore SAP Account Receivable Solution template.   Is there someone that can help me to access this Solution Template ?   Thanks

Re: Looking for best possible approach to get data from Service Now to Power Bi Desktop?

Hi @Satya_   You can vote the  idea  that add a ServiceNow connector in Power BI Desktop.Maybe you can transfer the data from ServiceNow to SQL Server database and estab...

Re: Calculated Column for Previous Quarter Sales by Customer

@pwrbiadm,   Try using CALCULATE Function to change the context. https://community.powerbi.com/t5/Desktop/Year-on-year-for-previous-reporting-period/m-p/326661#M1457... ...

Re: Using 2 numeric values at different granularities on the same visualisation

Hi @simonroyjones,   How about changing the columns to text type? If it doesn't meet your requirement, kindly share your sample data and excepted result to me. Please upload your f...

Re: Best location for Azure Server

Hi @Mist   What I would do is have a look where your Power BI Tenant is by clicking on the ? as shown below.     And then it will show you where your data is stored. A...

Re: Export Matrix as Seen in Excel

Hi @jrmiller17,   Currently it is not possible yet. There is an idea about that, you can vote it up to make this feature coming soon.   https://ideas.powerbi.com/forums/265200-...

Re: Highlight max value in column chart

Hey,   not sure what you mean, for this reaseon I created two new measures in your pbix with sample data   Max_Vol by phase = var allthingsselected = ALLSELECTED('Dummy Data'[phras...

Re: Multiple date type columns

Hi @KarlNixon,   Please download another solution from the attachment.  1. Create a date table.  Calendar = CALENDARAUTO() 2. Establish two relationships while only one ...

Re: Last slicer value missing in power bi report in Mozilla Firefox

@Manikanta453, This is a known issue which has been reported internally: CRI  101650666. The fix is going to be released by the 23th of February. Regards, Lydia

Re: On-Prem Gate way

Hi @sivareddy   Please check below posts for reference. Configuring SharePoint/Folder refreshing using On-Premise Gateway Schedule refresh from a Sharepoint excel file   Re...

Re: How to add Date and time with page name

@adityavighne, What do you mean add datetime with page name? Could you please elaborate more about your scenario and share sample data of your table here? Regards, Lydia

Re: Clustered column filter above below by default

@MANICX100,   You may take advantage of  Visual level filters .

Re: Scheduled data refresh not working

HI @Nuemio,   I think you are get data from a pbix file right? If this is a case, the scheduled refresh triggered when you replace that pbix file, source data which used in pbix file ...

Add parameter to Highest and Lowest value in Matrix and Year format

  I am using BI to show the below KPI chart below  Figure 1: Power BI Report       The raw data is available as below and I am converting it for using in BI&...