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2017 Power BI “Year in Review” data storytelling contest … and the winner is…

Announcing the winner of the 2017 Power BI “Year in Review” data storytelling contest. With 37 entries and a close race, we’re happy to announce David Eldersveld, a data visualization and analytics consultant at BlueGranite and author of the DataVeld blog, too home the top prize for his story North Korea – “Handle With Care”. Read the full post to see David’s excellent entry and more.

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Power BI Desktop February Feature Summary

There are two themes for this month’s Power BI Desktop update. The first is a focus on some of your major asks including multi-selecting data points across multiple charts and syncing slicer values across multiple pages of your report. We also have a major update to our SAP HANA connector. Our second theme is a focus on performance improvements across three different areas of our product.

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2/1 Webinar: SharePoint Loves PowerApps! A Summary of SharePoint/PowerApps features by Ashish Trivedi

In this session, we will summarise the SharePoint features which are being made available in PowerApps. This include, built in support for different field types, new/edit/display forms, built in connectors or rules, connecting to sources or triggering a flow on button clicks. This session will be all around SharePoint and how PowerApps strengthen the SharePoint.

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Share reports with your teams and partners

We’re excited to announce we’re rolling out report sharing to users worldwide. Now reports and dashboards have the same sharing features, making it even easier for Power BI users to collaborate with their teams and partners. These changes make it possible for users to share reports directly, add reports to their favorites, find it in Shared with me, and works great with the recently released Azure B2B sharing features for external partners

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