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Congratulations to the Featured Data Stories Gallery contributors

Headshot of article author Kelly Kaye

Thank you to the Power BI Community for contributing so much! We have a winner and an honorable mention.

Featured Data Story contribution winner for August#ProjectHealthViz August 2020 by community member Regiso  This report can be used by people who don’t usually design reports, and its a great example of how to use the Chord Diagram visual, with clear color and contrast combinations .

Honorable mention is:   Visual Storytelling – An Environmental Risk Assessment by cborovac

We’ll reach out to the winners directly!

For more options and fun for your Data Story creation, we’re introducing monthly themes. The theme for September is “Accessibility”; the theme for October is: “Power BI and Excel, better together”

Looking forward to seeing your awesome Power BI contributions on!

Kelly Kaye

Power BI MVP Lead, Power BI User Groups, Webinars, Community