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Create interactive timeline visualizations for your data with the new timeline storyteller community visual

Headshot of article author Patrick Baumgartner

During the keynote of the 2017 Microsoft Data Insight Summit we showed a bunch of exciting new features. One that caught a lot of people’s eye, and is now available in the Office Store, is the timeline storyteller.

The timeline storyteller lets you present different aspects of your data using a palette of timeline representations, scales, and layouts, as well as controls for filtering, highlighting, and annotation, providing an amazing set of capabilities for visualizing data representing a sequences of events.


It is also a great example of how Power BI is building a community of data visualization enthusiasts to help you move beyond basic data visualization to find the right visual for your specific scenario.

To learn more about the Microsoft Research team that developed this visual visit

Here are some examples for you to try out for yourself: