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Deployment pipelines – announcing ‘Deployment History’ feature and ‘Azure DevOps extension’ GA

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We’re excited to announce Deployment History, a new feature of Deployment pipelines, available today!

  • Having troubles tracking a pipeline’s deployment executions?
  • Something seems to be changed on your test environment workspace and you’re not sure what and why?
  • Your last deployment failed, and you have no idea how to get its ID for the support ticket?

Problem solved! With our new Deployment pipeline feature, Deployment History, all your recent months deployments are available to be reviewed providing details on the target environment, such as: the person who ran the deployment, the deployed items, the deployment note’s content (if been added) and more.

With Deployment history we also added the option to add a note as part of a deployment process. This note appears next to its deployment history record and assists with providing context when you review past deployments. This note is not editable.

You can access the Deployment History page either through a general entry point, the Deployment History button, or through the Deployment History clickable icon of a deployed stage:

Your pipeline deployments will appear chronologically from newest to oldest:

By default, all the deployments are listed on one list. However, you can narrow your scope to focus on a specific deployed target stage by easily filtering this list using the clickable tabs at the top of the page.

Icons on the right side of each deployment indicate whether the deployment succeeded or failed, how many deployed items were different/New/same on the deployed stage before the deployment, whether it has a note or not and its ID. Clicking on them, expands the deployment record and provides additional details such as failure reason, list of the deployed items (name and type), the note content and the id string.

Deployment History is already available for your pipelines today so try it out! Learn more.


Azure DevOps extension GA

Following our last announcement in January of launching Azure Devops extension, today we are excited to share that this feature is generally available! As stated, ADO extension contains all the API operations available today for deployment pipelines so they can be used with Azure pipelines, while integrating additional capabilities into the release process such as automated testing, approvals and more. The extension is available for Download here.


Changes to UpdateApp REST API

Lately, Power BI Apps announced the public preview of Multiple Audiences in the Power BI Apps, which adding the capability to manage an App content by different audiences, individually. Following this change, Deployment pipeline UpdateApp REST API was changed and will not support the action of adding new deployed items to the app. Learn more.