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From Insights to Action with the Power Apps custom visual

Headshot of article author Adam Wilson

Power BI makes it possible for anyone to explore data and find insights to make better business decisions. But often, the insight itself isn’t the end result – instead, an action needs to be taken.  It could be identifying an underperforming sales region and initiating a targeted promotion to get it on track.  Or it might be identifying suspicious sensor readings from manufacturing devices and creating a work order to investigate.

With the new PowerApps custom visual for Power BI, taking action has never been easier or more integrated.  PowerApps makes it easy to build automated workflows that connect to software and services you already use.  Now, with our custom visual, you can use Power BI to find an insight, then trigger a PowerApps app right from within your report.  The custom visual eliminates manual, error-prone data entry so people across your organization can take action in one click.  If you’ve previously used the capability of embedding a PowerApp inside a Power BI dashboard tile, the custom visual takes it a step further.  It allows context about the current data being shown in a report to be passed through to your app, so you can prefill fields or lookup additional information.

Check out the PowerApps team blog for more details on getting started.