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게시 업체: 10월 2016

Explore your Insightcentr data with Power BI

Insightcentr is a SaaS solution that helps businesses understand workforce productivity by providing time-oriented reporting into web or desktop usage software. It provides analytics as to when, and to what extent, a workforce is using software, helping businesses to optimize software licensing costs and support process re-engineering efforts. Data can be anonymous and aggregated to ensure privacy is maintained. We've released a new content pack to make it easy to connect to your Insightcentr data!

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Nov 1 Webinar: Big Data with Power BI, HDInsight, and Datameer

Power BI is a fantastic data visualization, transformation, and discovery product, but it’s not designed for “Big Data”-scale datasets. Meanwhile, Azure HDInsight is an impressive cloud-based Hadoop and Spark distribution that works at scale, but it isn’t designed to be friendly for business users the way Power BI is. In this webinar, Andrew Brust will show how you can leverage the scale of HDInsight and the ease-of use of Power BI with Datameer, part of the Azure HDInsight Application Platform. If you’re a Power BI fan, and you want to do Big Data analytics without learning the ins and outs of Hadoop and Spark, then don’t miss this webinar.

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Hôpital Montfort builds a case for better healthcare with Power BI

If one set of lab tests is good, then two should be twice as good, right? It turns out the answer is no. More healthcare is not necessarily better healthcare. Choosing Wisely Canada, a campaign organized by a team of leading physicians in partnership with dozens of Canadian medical organizations, is offering guidance to help clinicians decide which tests, treatments, and prescriptions are unnecessary. Hôpital Montfort, in Ottawa, Ontario, is using Power BI to help provide its physicians with the evidence to help them make some of those wise choices.

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Making It Easier To Administer Power BI

The Power BI Admin Portal gives organizations the ability to view usage data and set controls and limits on how Power BI is used throughout the organization.  We have heard from many administrators that these capabilities are critical, but sometimes getting the right person access to the Portal was hard because it was only available to Office 365 Global Administrators. We are introducing Power BI Admin role where you can give users Power BI Admin privileges without giving them full Office 365 administrative access. We are also making it easier for Cloud Solutions Providers easier to manage Power BI Admin Portal on your behalf.

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