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Share Excel workbooks in organizational content packs

Headshot of article author The Power BI Team

Now when you create organizational content packs in Power BI, you can include Excel workbooks to share with others in your organization.

It’s easy: From Power BI, connect to your Excel workbooks on OneDrive for Business. Then create content packs with your connected workbooks. You can identify them by the Excel icon.

Note: you can’t share workbooks that are shared with you or that you can’t edit. 

When people in your group or organization connect to your organizational content pack, they’ll have access to the shared workbook reports in their report list.

Important: To allow members of the group to view the workbook, you may need to share the workbook with them in OneDrive for Business.

Familiar with organizational content packs? Just try it out!

To learn more, follow the organizational content pack tutorial, or check out Organizational content packs: an introduction and Bring whole Excel files into Power BI.