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Re: Summed values from different tables?

I'll keep trying to play around with this until I get it to work.

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RANKX Not include Blank and Zeros

How do I modifiy my code not to include blanks & zeros in the ranking of my data.   Ranking_TTD = RANKX( ALLSELECTED('Table1'[Org]),[AvgTTD75%], , ASC) The value I am concerned about is...

Re: Need help undrstanding how to create a table with distrinct rows with conditions.

@v-lili6-msft  thank you so much for your reply.    This seemed to work well until I tested what would happen if I changed John's name to Brook in the subscribed table. The result I ...

Re: Error with PREVIOUSMONTH - duplicatedates

What do you mean by link the table?

Re: How to create multiple measure simultaneously ( at one go )

Hi,   I have been looking for a way to achieve this but the link provided does not work?   Are you aware of another place i may be able to find this information?   Thanks in adva...

Markers in line chart not fully shown

Hi   When adding markers in a line chart. The top and bottom marker are not fully shown which makes it not very attractive to use. However, not using them is not always an option as we want t...

Re: How to put multiple filter conditions in a query?

What error  are you getting?   Try thi s:   Loan Number MTD = IF(OR(Enco[Current_Month_FileStarted] = 1 , Enco[Current_Month_Application] = 1, Enco[Current_Month_Processing] =1 ,...

Re: Has anyone used dataflows?

Thank you @GilbertQ. I know this feature is still on the preview mode and I would love to try it out. But I don't see the dataflow (preview) when I login to Power BI Service. I'm a Pro User. &n...

Re: How to put multiple filter conditions in a query?

I am getting this error for the query I posted, Too many arguments were passed to the IF function. The maximum argument count for the function is 3.

eliminar informe publicado en web

Buenas, existe esta opción para eliminar los informes publicados en la Web, pero tengo un problema con un informe que elimina el informe y el espacio de trabajo previamente y ahora no puedo acceder a...

How to expose an Azure Power BI Report Server url to external clients

I have installed the Power BI Report Server that I found on Azure Marketplace, https://azuremarketplace.microsoft.com/en-in/marketplace/apps/reportingservices.technical-preview?tab=Overview. I can lo...

Re: Sum of measure - Table doesn't return desired value

Here are the additional calcalations on the Total Compensation column that I am wanting to sum values of.  Is there a way to sum the total compensation highlighted at the particular level names ...

Re: How to write between function in power bi

@Priya_K wrote: It worked when I use "&" instead of "and" in my formula in power query. IF( ('Work Items - All history by month'[Inherent Risk Score]>17) && ('Work Items - Al...

Re: Card to display count of 'Number' with max value of 'Count'

Hi @tomgag,   Could you mark the proper answer as a solution, please?    Best Regards, Dale

Date calculations are all US based.

Trying to do simple things like subtract one date from another in Power BI Desktop and the results are all US based.   Days = DATEDIFF("01/01/2018", "10/01/2018", DAY)   Result of the a...

Reports do not render on PBIRS August 2018 Release

After installing the PBIRS August 2018 Release ( Version 1.3.6801.38816 - Build my reports do not render anymore. It is allways showing "Loading data" but it never ends. This happen...

Re: How to calculate a percentage with condition and group by?

Hi @mnayar,   Here is the link of my powerbi file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oemfJJP-AY-Hj8nNT-peUNPL5jnEu4SP/view?usp=sharing   I hope it will help you resolving my problem. &...

Re: Advanced Filters and Filtering

Hi @benlynch,   Could you please share you sample data here so that I can help with it?   Regards, Frank

Relationship with 2 fields

Hello,   in Access it is possible to have a relation with 2 fields (with primary key):     Is this somehow possible in Power BI?   Thanks Rainer

Finding equivalent to countifs in power bi

Hello Community!   you have helped me before, I am confident you can help me again   I need to replicate the formula used in the screen shot from excel into power bi. to get 1/0 if a...