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Power BI July 2024 Feature Summary

Welcome to the July 2024 update. Here are a few, select highlights of the many we have for Power BI. Customize your reference layers in Azure Maps visual, DAX query view is available in live connect and an update to Power BI enhanced report format (PBIR). There is much more to explore, please continue to read on!



Copilot in Microsoft Fabric is now generally available in the Power BI experience

One of the biggest opportunities we’re seeing is in accelerating the path to a data-rich culture by enhancing the productivity of your data teams and making analytics more accessible to every user. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in bringing to life Copilot in Fabric—an AI experience embedded directly into Microsoft Fabric that can help every user unlock the full potential of their data.

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Announcing Microsoft Fabric Community Conference Europe

In March we hosted over 4,200 data professionals in Las Vegas for the first-ever Microsoft Fabric Community Conference. When we set out to host this event, we knew there was a hunger in the community, but we had no idea the level of interest, and need, for connection amongst our Fabric users. It was an amazing experience to connect with our community and see the opportunities that Fabric unlocks for your businesses.

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Announcing live connect for Power BI report integration with OneDrive and SharePoint (Preview)

Last May, we announced the integration between Power BI and OneDrive and SharePoint (ODSP) that allows you to view Power BI reports directly in a OneDrive or SharePoint document library. Previously, this capability was limited only to reports with data in import mode. We’re excited to announce that you can now view Power BI reports in ODSP with data live connected to a semantic model in the service!

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