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Announcing: Now it’s easier to find Power BI reports in Microsoft Teams tabs

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Modern work requires keeping everyone up to date and using data to make decisions. That’s why so many organizations use Power BI in Microsoft Teams to keep data top of mind and one click away where people work. When working in channels, chats, and even in meetings, adding a Power BI report as a tab is a quick and easy way to nurture a data culture within your teams during collaboration.

Now, we’re making it easier to find Power BI tabs you’ve used in Team channels. We’ve started to roll-out an update to the home experience in the Power BI app for Microsoft Teams. Users in Teams will see a new “In Teams” pivot on Power BI home. This new capability makes it easy to find Power BI tabs you’ve visited previously in Teams channels.

View all the tabs you use in Microsoft Teams.

New In Teams pivot on Power BI home in Teams

In September 2020, we released the Power BI app for Microsoft Teams, which is a data hub available right where people work. Users can access all their reports, dashboards, and Power BI organizational apps in one place. They can discover the highest quality datasets to use for making decisions, create new reports, track their goals, and a whole lot more.

Now the home page in the Power BI app for Teams shows you Power BI tabs in your team channels.

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You can open the reports directly in the Power BI app for Teams. Using the location column, you can navigate to the tab in the team channel to keep collaborating with your colleagues.

There are a few things to know about the list. The list shows the 20 Power BI tabs you’ve used most recently in Team channels. If you haven’t opened any Power BI tabs in Teams, the list won’t include any items. Lastly, the list won’t include Power BI tabs you use in chats, group chats, or in meetings.

The In Teams pivot is only available in the Power BI app for Teams. You won’t see it in the Power BI service (when using in a web browser).

Rolling out the Power BI app for Teams to your organization

Organizations can make it easier for everyone to find and use data by installing and pinning (optional but recommended) the Power BI app for Teams for their users. As a leader in your organization, you can encourage individuals and teams to start using the Power BI app in Teams by installing it for themselves. As a Power BI admin or a Teams admin, you can encourage broader usage by installing and even pinning the app proactively. Read the guide to learn the options for broad and targeted roll-out to help decide what’s the right step for your organization.

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