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Announcing Timely Premium Capacity Overload Alerts

Headshot of article author David Magar

Premium Capacity Overload Alerts are timely automated emails that are sent whenever Power BI senses a Premium capacity is overloaded, that are sent to users subscribed to Service Interruption Notifications. If you are already signed up for Service Interruption Notifications, there is no additional step required to get this new type of alerts. They are already turned on for all the premium capacities in your tenant.

Each email alert contains a breakdown of the operations running on datasets loaded on the capacity during the 15 minutes leading to the overload detected. The breakdown shows what was to the total duration of CPU core time consumed by each operation (also known as CPU time). The top-consumers of CPU core time are the heaviest contributors to the capacity overload.
Here’s a sample of the first part of the alert:

If your Power BI tenant has more than 1 Premium capacity, the 2nd part of the alert will also show the load sensed on other capacities during the time of the alert, so that admins can consider load-balancing their capacities by moving load-contributing workspaces to other capacities.

Because Power BI is fully committed to the highest privacy standards, the alerts contain completely anonymized IDs of the load-generating objects and the capacities. Premium Capacity admins can use the Premium Capacities Metrics App’s IDs and Info tab to map these IDs to the actual capacities and workspaces names.

If you are an admin of a Premium capacity please take action and make sure you are signed up to receive Service Interruption Notifications and enjoy the benefits of these new alerts.