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Announcing: Now organizations can require users to set MIP sensitivity labels in Power BI (Preview)

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MIP sensitivity labels help enterprises to meet their infosec and compliance requirements by classifying sensitive data within Power BI. MIP labels are available both in the Power BI service and in Power BI Desktop (Preview). To help enterprises ensure that their data remains classified and protected as it moves across data systems, as well as within Power BI, we have developed industry-leading data-classification inheritance capabilities, including the labeling and protection of files when data is exported from Power BI,  inheritance of MIP labels from Synapse (preview)inheritance of labels when creating new content, and downstream inheritance (preview).


Mandatory MIP label policy setting for Power BI

We often get questions from you about how you can ensure that MIP labels will be applied to new content when it is created or uploaded to Power BI. Today I’m happy to announce a preview of our new mandatory label policy setting. The mandatory label policy setting requires users to apply MIP labels when they create new content, edit unlabeled content in the Power BI service, or upload unlabeled PBIX files via Publish from Desktop or Get data in the Power BI service.

Users with a mandatory label policy in Power BI will be required to apply a MIP label when they publish reports from Desktop to the service, import PBIX files into the service via Get data, or create new datasets, reports, and dashboards in the service.


How to enable a mandatory label policy

Power BI’s mandatory label policy can be enabled in the Microsoft 365 compliance center by M365/O365 admins. The policy will be applied to all users that are able to apply MIP labels in Power BI and who have a mandatory label policy for Power BI enabled in their label policy.

Note: You can enable/disable the mandatory label policy for Power BI without affecting mandatory label settings for O365 files and emails, which is controlled by a separate setting in MIP label policy.

More detail about the new end-user experience, as well as about how to enable the setting in the Microsoft 365 compliance center, is available here: Mandatory label policy in Power BI – Power BI | Microsoft Docs.


Coming soon and learn more

Many more MIP sensitivity label features are in the works and will be out in the coming months, so stay tuned. Don’t forget to let us know what you think via the Power BI community, or by leaving a comment below.


Coming soon:

  • MIP sensitivity labels in Power BI desktop GA
  • Data source label inheritance when data source is Excel file, support Get data from protected Excel files
  • Require users to apply labels when saving PBIX files in Power BI Desktop
  • MIP sensitivity label support for paginated reports in the Power BI service
  • Default label policy in Power BI preview

Learn more: