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Power BI Paginated Reports June 2019 Feature Update Summary

Headshot of article author Christopher Finlan

We’re almost three weeks post-GA of Paginated Reports in Power BI, and we wanted let you know about several updates we’ve made since then –

E-Mail Subscription Enhancements

There are two updates we wanted to highlight in regards to e-mail subscriptions with paginated reports.


Edit Parameters in your subscription

You can now see the parameter values currently set for the selected subscription by expanding the “View parameters” item in the subscription pane

If you want to change these values, you may now update the parameters for your selected subscription with new report parameter values.  Simply change the drop down in the subscription pane to “Use current (rendered report) values” to change the parameters to those you’ve just rendered your report with.


Include Preview Image

We’ve also added the ability to view the first page of your Paginated Report in the e-mail body as an image, just as you do with a Power BI report.  This is optional, and is always in addition to your report attachment.  To add it, simply check the “Also include preview image” checkbox that now appears in the subscription pane.


Admin Portal Updates

We’ve made some updates around administering the paginated reports workload in your capacity.  For all newly created capacities, the feature will be enabled by default, but will not consume memory or resources until you or your users publish a paginated report.  Also, you may now assign above 50% (up to 100%) of the capacity memory to the Paginated Reports workload if you chose.  Simply update the assigned memory in the Capacity settings page in the Admin Portal



Azure SQL database oAuth support

We’re now rolling out to all regions support for oAuth for Azure SQL database data sources.  This allows you to enforce RLS for reports that use Azure SQL database as a data source.  To enable this for your reports in Power BI, make sure you properly set the provider in the Reports tab in your app workspace.


Auto Refresh for Paginated Reports

As demonstrated the BI Power Hour at MBAS, we’ve enabled the ability for report authors to use the Auto Refresh property that has long been available for paginated reports.  To use this feature, open your report in Power BI Report Builder and specify the rate in seconds at which the report page will automatically refresh in the properties pane. When you publish the report to Power BI, the report will update in the browser at that interval automatically when you’re viewing it.


New Power BI Report Builder update coming Monday

I know many folks were looking forward to an announcement around the latest release of Power BI Report Builder, which includes support for non-Premium datasets.  We’re going to release that on Monday AM along with a blog post covering everything you need to know, so look for it then.

Thanks and have a great weekend!