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Why is my background not showing in the Power BI Windows App?

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There was a customer comment regarding the fact that the background of their Power View report wasn’t showing up when viewing the report in the Power BI App from the Windows Store.

NOTE:  This information is true as of April 2014.

The reason for this is that the HTML5 version of Power View doesn’t currently support backgrounds.  The HTML5 and Silverlight versions are not yet in parody, but we are working hard on getting there. The Power BI App from the Windows Store uses the HTML5 version of the report.

You can keep tabs on what’s new with the Power BI App and from Power View in HTML5 from this link.

What’s new in the Power BI app and Power View in HTML5

Here is an example with a workbook that I have.  Here is the view from the Internet Explorer browser, which uses Silverlight by default.


When we switch over to the HTML5 view in the Browser we can see the change.


You can switch, if your browser supports Silverlight, by using the icon in the lower right.


Here is what we see in the Power BI App from the Windows Store.


Adam W. Saxton | Microsoft SQL Server Escalation Services