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HR Management report is designed to help companies make decisions regarding their personnel. This report provides all key metrics of the HR function and deeper analysis regarding important HR topics. The user of this report can get comprehensive overview of personnel with a glance. For further analysis, it is possible to dig deeper in the details of the company's workforce.

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In order to make the best possible decisions, personnel management needs a clear overall picture that includes the most important personnel management metrics, and also a more detailed analysis of each metric and how they change over time. When making decisions, knowledge of the following matters is necessary: 
  • How many salary increases have been given in the company during the year and is there a difference in their number or amount, for example by department or gender?
  • What is the gender distribution of our company and how, for example, are salaries distributed by gender?
  • How much do sickness absences cost the company in total?
  • How much flex time or overtime work is done within our company, and what is their cost?
  • How many workers company has and what is the capacity they provide? 
  • How high is the turnover in the company?

The report provides both a quick overview for scenarios, where it's not relevant to spend a lot of time looking at a report, and a more detailed analysis & information for a deeper review. The home page of the report is a navigation page, where the user can see all the main topics of the report and select where they want to navigate into for further analysis. In summary page, the report viewer can see the overview of all the topics in the same view. Through it, as well as from the navigation, user can access the report pages which contain visualizations of the given topic. Each report page also include an information text, which helps the user to understand the visuals and the calculations behind the metrics. The pages answer the above questions and much more, and with the help of slicers and filters it is possible to get more detailed information. Both via the navigation page and form the bottom of each page user can also access the trends page, where changes in measures can be tracked over time. In addition, it's possible to drill through into row data straight from visuals from each report page.

Target Audience: HR management and other managers of companies in various fields who need employee-related data for decision-making.

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