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Mi4 Corporation

At Mi4, we have been providing dynamic and interactive analytics and solutions for companies in the oil and gas and other industries since 1999.

Our team of petroleum engineers, data scientists, and analytics experts can combine data from multiple sources to create dashboards that deliver actionable insights across the value chain.

We can create tailor-made dashboards, for the different types of consumers, that provide insights into your data and KPIs, this includes:

- Production & Operations
- Drilling & Completions
- Cost Tracking vs. Budget & Forecast
- Profit and Loss (P&L)
- Financial Reporting
- Lease Operating Expense (LOE)
- Partner Reports (JV, PE)
- Vendor Reports


Power BI パートナーになりませんか?

認定パートナーはチームにとって重要な存在です。新しいビジネス チャンスを見出し、つながりを持ち、会社の持つ能力や経験を世界中の Power BI ユーザーと共有しましょう。