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Announcing custom branding for your organization

Headshot of article author Nikhil Gaekwad

To establish data-driven cultures, organizations around the world leverage Power BI for their large-scale BI deployments. Empowering tens of thousands of people with reliable data is no easy feat. IT departments and BI teams bear the responsibility of delivering a solution where people feel safe and confident exploring insights. Consistent branding and corporate representation earn the trust of the people in your organization using Power BI.

Today, I am thrilled to announce the release of custom branding for the Power BI service. Now you can change the look and feel of the Power BI service to match your corporate theme with just a few clicks!

Custom branding lets you change the theme color that appears in the top navigation bar, add your company logo, and bring your default landing page to life by adding a cover image. Sound exciting? Read on for a walkthrough. Or, head over to the admin portal to try it out for yourself.

Note: We are starting to roll out the feature to tenants this week. It should be enabled worldwide by August 27, 2019.


Branding your Power BI service

To get started, open the Power BI admin portal, and select the Custom branding tab in the left navigation.

On this page, you can configure the following elements:

  1. Logo: Upload a logo for your organization. The logo will appear in the top left of the navigation bar that appears on every page. The image must be under 10 KB and least 200 x 30 pixels in size.
  2. Cover image: Upload a cover image that gets featured on top of Home. The image must be under 1 MB and ideally 1920 x 160 pixels in size. We’ve also added an option for you to crop your cover image within the service.
  3. Theme color: Select a color to use for the background of the top navigation bar that appears on every page. By default, the theme color is set to Power BI’s original color. We recommend that you choose something that complements your logo or resembles other portals (e.g. other Office 365 sites) within your organization.

Once you have configured your branding elements, you can see a quick preview of how this will look on Home by selecting the Preview button. It’s always better to get a glimpse of your artwork before deploying it to thousands of people!

Here’s an example of organizational branding being configured for Contoso:

And that’s it! Once you’re happy with your custom branding configuration, select Publish. Everyone in your organization will see the new Power BI service branding right away. Refresh your browser to see it in action.

Best practices

When choosing a Logo, we recommend using an PNG file type wherever possible so that your logo will have a high-resolution appearance on all screens and at all zoom levels.

When choosing a Theme color for the top navigation, choose a color that has a high contrast ratio with the logo you picked. The recommended contrast ratio between logo and theme color is 4.5:1.

When choosing a Cover image, put on your Picasso hat and get creative! We recommend that you choose something that complements the theme color you chose and provides a welcoming feel. To ensure the cover image scales to various resolutions and screen sizes, we recommend you choose an image that has a large width, 2000 pixels or higher, and a fixed height of 160 pixels.


Can I configure the theme of the left navigation?

No, the left navigation can’t be configured. As soon as you apply your corporate branding, the left navigation will be light-themed by default. You will notice that the accent color of the “French fry” matches your theme color.

Will it work with the new look?

Yes, custom branding will be supported in the old and new look. It should not impact any feature or functionality.

How do I revert to the default Power BI colors?

There’s an option to remove custom branding on the custom branding page in the admin portal. Select that and publish to reset your Power BI service to the default colors.

How does this work with B2B?

One of the added benefits of having your own custom branding for your organization is that it will help you quickly distinguish the tenant you are viewing the report in for B2B scenarios. Please note that we will not be supporting branding for B2B users in sovereign clouds for the initial release.

Next steps

  • Try out the feature! Head on over to the admin portal and start to plan out how you want to customize the Power BI service to match your corporate brand. You can use the Preview functionality to try out various configurations and choose the best one
  • We are also planning on bringing this functionality to Power BI mobile – hang tight and keep an eye out on the blogs in the upcoming weeks
  • Have comments? Want to share your cool branding? We’d love to see it! Please leave comments below or in the community forums
  • Have ideas for where we should take the feature? Create new ideas or vote on existing ones in UserVoice