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Enterprise ready: Power BI for iOS now supports Intune MAM capabilities

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We are happy to introduce Power BI support for Intune Mobile Application manager (MAM) on iOS devices. Support for Android devices is coming soon.

About Intune

Microsoft Intune enables organizations to easily manage devices and applications across all teams. Through configuration policies, you can control application access with a PIN, limit data sharing, and even encrypt application data. The Power BI Mobile application is already integrated with Intune MDM, or Mobile Device Management. See our documentation to learn more on how to configure Power BI Mobile apps with Microsoft Intune via MDM.
With this release we are adding support for Intune MAM.

What is special about MAM?

While MDM is a good solution for many organizations, in other cases the organization may not be interested in managing the device itself, but only specific apps like Power BI. Many organizations exercise a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, and they may consider it too intrusive and time-consuming to manage their employees’ devices. Other organizations already use Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools and do not want to establish a new MDM solution (Intune) just for Power BI and O365 apps. Using MAM allows these organizations to control and manage Power BI in parallel to managing the device with the MDM of their choice or without any MDM all together. Now that Microsoft Intune – Mobile Application Management is supported in Power BI Mobile apps, IT administrators can control access to Power BI and help prevent data leaks without requiring employees to enroll their device.

What can you do with MAM and Power BI?

Intune MAM is currently supported on iOS devices that run iOS 8.0 and later. It allows you to modify the functionality of Power BI apps to align with the organizational compliance and security policies.
Intune MAM introduces the following capabilities:

  • Restrict web content to display only in a corporate-managed browser.
  • Prevent iTunes and iCloud backups.
  • Allow data transfer from the app to: (a) all other apps; (b) only managed apps; (c) none of the apps.
  • Prevent “Save As”.
  • Restrict cut, copy and paste with other apps.
  • Require pin code to access the app.
  • Encrypt app data.

Learn more about Microsoft Intune