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New version of Personal Gateway now available!

Headshot of article author The Power BI Team

A new version of Personal Gateway is now available for download. With Personal Gateway, you can keep your Power BI content that connects to on-premises sources up-to-date. You can read more about the Personal Gateway here.

The new release is an in-place update and you do not have to uninstall the GA version of the gateway before installing this new version.

You can download the gateway from within your Power BI site from the top-right corner.


New Features

In this version of the Personal Gateway, we have added support for additional data sources. These are:

  • Analysis Services (data import scenario) – You can now use the Personal Gateway to refresh your dataset that imports data from an Analysis Services cube – both tabular and multidimensional models. Instead of live connect to an Analysis Services model, you can import data from your tabular or multidimensional model and keep this data in Power BI up-to-date by scheduling a refresh using Personal Gateway.
  • Custom ODBC drivers – This has been a top ask and with this release of the Personal Gateway we officially support refreshing dataset that pulls data using your custom ODBC driver. You must ensure that the Personal Gateway and your ODBC driver are installed on the same computer for refresh to succeed

Bug fixes and improvements

The following set of bugs have been fixed in the new version

  • High CPU consumption issues during Personal Gateway configuration has been addressed
  • We now show better error messages when your windows credentials have changed and you haven’t yet updated them on the gateway
  • Previously, when there is no internet connectivity on the computer Personal Gateway would constantly try to connect to the service and if unsuccessful show pop ups in the tray icon area. This issue has been fixed and we no longer show multiple pop up messages informing that Personal Gateway is not connected
  • We have enhanced few of the user experiences in the gateway with descriptive and actionable text and error messages

In addition, we now support org account/oAuth authentication with SharePoint Online. We have made many minor but useful updates to the scheduled refresh settings experience.

Give the new update a try and share your feedback with us. And stay tuned for more updates!