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Webinar Wednesday: Data Visualization Design Discussion Lab

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Take your dashboard and reports to the next level with a hands-on look at improving and updating your visual design in Wednesday's webinar!

Data Visualization Design Discussion Lab with Miranda Li

Power BI enthusiasts around world published hundreds of stunning visualization examples in our Data Stories Gallery. They inspire us with data insights, creativity, design thinking, and a vastly diverse way to tell stories with data. Join us in this data visualization design lab to study these wonderful visualizations on how they inspire you, how you would do it differently, and how you could improve them.

The session will be led by Microsoft Design and Data Visualization Lead Miranda Li. Active participation from the audience is highly encouraged. The two visualization examples we will discuss in this session are:

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When: 6/21/2017 10:00 a.m. PT


About Miranda Li

Miranda Li is Design & Data Visualization Lead at Microsoft. She evangelizes data visualization design best practices and storytelling through webinars, blogging, coaching, and conducting joint projects with internal Microsoft employees. Prior to Microsoft, she authored hundreds of exemplary data visualizations examples and their widely distributed data visualization design whitepaper.