insideAx GmbH - Production Dashboard

The Production Dashboard visualizes the actual state of production orders. The production manager can easily identify production orders which are on delay. It also displays the amount of scrap produced. The detail view reveals each step during production and its duration.

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The Production Dashboards visualizes the actual state of planned, active and finished production orders. It shows basic information like the customer, the product and the state of the production. Moreover it visualizes the planned and actual time. The difference between both is calculated as percentage and colored in green, yellow or red based on the difference. Moreover, it shows the planned production quantity, the actual quantity and the scrap quantity. The dashboards features a progress bar that shows the amount of produced goods. 

The Production Dashboards displays an aggregated process overview when hoovering over a production order in the main grid. It shows the time distribution for each step in during the production order e.g. Setup Time, Machine Configurations, Production, Strip Down, etc. Therefore the Production Manager can easily identify problematic production orders.

The user can Drill-Down from the main page into the details of each production order. On the details page each step linked to the production order is displayed. It also shows configuration changes made to the machine, shift changes, employees working on the production order, setup and production time. The details pages also presents the planned time and quantity vs. the actual required time and produced quantity including scrap. 

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