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How Veolia Improves Customer Experiences with Power BI and Azure  

Headshot of article author Lauren Faber
Stuart Stock, CIO, Veolia UK & Ireland


Veolia is a French transnational environmental services company that works to address environmental and sustainability concerns in water management, waste management, and energy services. The company collaborates with its customers to innovate and identify opportunities to build sustainable solutions that reuse materials and resources while producing minimal waste. Consequently, data collection and insights play a big part in Veolia solution development and delivery processes.



Before using Power BI and Azure, the Veolia data landscape was a collection of silos that lacked a single source of truth. The result was an environment plagued by manual duplication of spreadsheets and data inconsistency. Users worked with data dumps from source systems to build their own reports, which produced inconsistent data, inefficient processes, slow business decisions, and dissatisfied customers. It was time for a change.


Power BI

Veolia no longer delivers spreadsheets to customers. Today, Veolia has a dedicated portal for customer insights and analytics, built using embedded Power BI reports. There are now more than 30,000 users working with consistent, quality data that is updated daily. Veolia has worked closely with customers to understand their goals and priorities and to provide interactive insights using Power BI latest and most advanced visuals, tools, and features.

Underpinning these Power BI experiences is Veolia modern Azure data architecture. The analytics and reporting team at Veolia can take for granted that the data they need will be available, current, and easy to use to deliver new customer insights. As more customers worked with more data in more ways, they discovered long-standing data quality issues, such as the accuracy of customer facility geolocation. Veolia has used this as an opportunity to cleanse and enrich its data in Azure, ensuring that it is ready for any purpose today or tomorrow.


Next Steps

Veolia’s investments in Power BI and Azure are already yielding significant results for the business and for its customers. By having a single source of truth in a cloud-first, end-to-end solution, Veolia can be more agile and more focused on its customers’ needs. As new capabilities are added to Power BI and to Azure, Veolia had turned its Microsoft investments in its cloud and data visualization platform into new experiences and added value for its customers.

Read the case studyfor more information on how Power BI analytics and visualizations helped transform Veolia’s business.