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Power BI Mobile “new look” is now GA and includes your activity feed

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Three months ago, we introduced the “new look” for Power BI Mobile as a preview and asked for your feedback. And your feedback was awesome! You told us that you love the new look and find it easier for finding content and navigating in the app.

Today, the new look for Power BI Mobile is generally available (GA) and becomes the default look for all users. You no longer need to turn it on in the app settings (and, you also can’t turn it off). Now when you open Power BI mobile app, you’ll land on the new home page, where you can easily find and access the most recent and frequent items you usually use in Power BI.

Introducing the new activity feed

We’ve also completed the activity feed, which is part of this release.  On your home page, tap the activity tab to see your feed of notifications and updates about your data. This feed helps you stay up to date with all the activity and updates for your favorite, recent, and frequent items.

  • See when report and dashboard data is refreshed: We often heard feedback that it wasn’t easy enough to see when the data shown in a report or a dashboard was last updated . In the activity feed, you can see right off when an item was last refreshed, so you’ll know to open that report or dashboard to check out the new data.
  • Join a conversation: In your feed, you’ll also see when there are active conversations and comments related to you or to your reports and dashboards. Want to join the conversation and add your input? Just tap on the item in the feed.
  • View data alerts: We’ve also added to the feed notifications created from the data alerts you configured. Now, you’ll know right away when your KPI reaches its threshold and you can and open the KPI directly from the feed for more details.
  • Checkup app updates: You’ll also see on the feed when a creator publishes new content into an app you’re using, and you can easily open that app from the feed and see what’s new.

Notice that we aggregate items, so all data updates coming from the same app or workspace will be grouped together. Use the arrow to expand and see more items. the most recent items will always be at the top of the list. will always show the most recent items.

Additional improvements with the new look

We’ve added all your connected accounts to the side-panel. Now it’s much easier to switch between your Power BI service account and your Report Server accounts more easily. Just tap on your image or avatar to open the side-panel and manage your accounts.

We hope you’ll continue to enjoy the Power BI mobile app and its new look!

Please continue sending us your feedback and don’t forget to vote for other features you’d like to see in the Power BI Mobile app.

If you still haven’t installed the Power BI Mobile app on your mobile device ,get it today from App store, Google Play and Windows store.