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The Alteryx Starter Kit for Microsoft

Headshot of article author Miguel Martinez

Over 5 million subscribers are embracing Power BI for modern business intelligence. Why?

Power BI offers users a strong and robust toolset that makes it easier to analyze data and share insights. This toolset also includes capabilities that deliver enterprise readiness, deepen integration with Excel, and enhance intelligent data exploration. All this leads to creating richer visualizations, dashboards, reports and ultimately actions that improve your business.

A great visualization in Power BI starts with utilizing the right data. Yet, most analysts spend up to 90% of their time getting this data prepared or relying on others to get the data ready. Weeks to months are devoted to preparing a dataset for analysis and visualization. This is not efficient.

That’s why Microsoft partnered with Alteryx (our premier sponsor at this year’s Data Insights Summit) to provide the Alteryx Starter Kit for Microsoft, an integrated solution that enables analysts to quickly go from preparing data to creating rich visualizations with Power BI.

Included in the kit is a series of modules that show you how to utilize pre-built analytic workflows to quickly and easily perform tasks such as:

· Data Preparation: Quickly prep, blend, and analyze data from multiple sources for Power BI consumption. Deliver a repeatable workflow process to reduce the time spent on manual processes. Push datasets directly to Power BI to create rich visualizations.

· Advanced Analytics: Utilize the power of spatial and predictive analytics in a simple drag-and-drop interface without having to write code. Add a new dimension of insight to your visualizations with advanced modeling tools to handle complex use cases such as Multi-Channel Analysis, Predictive A/B Testing, Location Selection, Market Basket Analysis, and more.

· Text Analytics: Build repeatable analytic workflows and harness the power of Azure Machine Learning to easily perform sentiment analysis and extract key phrases from your data.

Download the Alteryx Starter Kit for Microsoft now, and make your data analysis work even more efficient. As always, we love to receive your feedback – let us know how you’re using the Starter Kit on our Community site!