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Announcing multiple language support for the Twitter solution template

Today we are excited to announce that the Twitter solution template for brand and campaign management now supports 15 languages for sentiment analysis. There are 4 supported languages – English, French, Spanish and Portuguese as well as 11 preview languages ranging from Dutch to Russian to Turkish (you can check out the full list).


Twitter template recap

The Twitter template is an end to end brand and campaign management solution that a user can set up in just a few clicks. It allows product, marketing or brand managers to understand what topics are trending on Twitter, to identify influencers and critics as well as recognize and respond to negative tweets. The solution emerged as a collaboration with Microsoft Research and uses sophisticated custom visuals and advanced analytics to drive better insights.


Sentiment analysis

Behind the scenes, the Twitter solution template leverages the Microsoft text analytics cognitive service which can be used to analyze things like sentiment, key phrase extraction and topics. Once a user sets up the template they can immediately consume insights delivered by this service through the Power BI report. This includes understanding dips and peaks in sentiment across time as well as identifying positive/negative hashtags or authors. Thanks to the latest update, these insights can now be discovered in a total of 15 languages.


Try it out & let us know

Go ahead and check out the updated Twitter solution template by visiting our page. You can play around with an embedded sample report that tracks Power BI, or watch a video that walks you through each report page. Finally, you can set things up by clicking the Get It Now button. Please give it a go and let us know what you think of the changes. You can reach the team by e-mailing us at or leaving a comment on the Power BI Community page for solution templates.