Why Power BI and Microsoft Azure are better together

Turn your data into a competitive advantage by using Power BI and Azure together to connect, combine, and analyze your entire data estate.

Extract maximum value from your data

Enable business analysts, IT professionals, and data scientists to collaborate seamlessly, providing a single version of data truth that delivers insights across your organization.

Bring Power BI visualizations into Azure apps

Deliver insights to all who need them by bringing Power BI visualization and reporting capabilities into your Azure apps.

Analyze petabytes of Azure data in Power BI

Go big with the ability to analyze your entire Azure data estate—no matter the size or type of data—using Power BI.

Take advantage of advanced AI everywhere

Employ advanced machine learning and AI capabilities within Power BI and connect to even more in Azure as needed.

Explore how Power BI and Azure work together

Azure Synapse Analytics

Develop and manage your entire analytics infrastructure within a single interface by linking with Power BI.

  • Query data on your terms using on-demand or provisioned resources to run analysis within your modern data warehouse.
  • Experience a limitless analytics service built to ingest, prep, manage, and serve data for immediate use in machine learning, AI, and Power BI.
  • Create enterprise-grade semantic models from the Azure Synapse workspace through integration with Power BI Desktop, which helps you define KPIs and business logic and apply role-based security.
  • Build Power BI reports directly from within the Azure Synapse workspace and make these reports available to your business users.

Power BI Embedded

Offer world-class Power BI analytics in your enterprise apps or those developed for your customers.

  • Quickly and easily provide customer-facing reports, dashboards, and analytics in your own applications by using and branding Power BI functionality as your own.
  • Reduce developer workloads by automating the monitoring, management, and deployment of analytics, while getting full control of Power BI features and intelligent analytics.
  • Choose the best way to visualize your data with out-of-the-box, certified, and custom-built visuals.

Azure Analysis Services

Reduce time-to-insights on complex data sets by connecting Power BI to real-time operational data.

  • Meet the needs of your business users, keep pace with your business, and watch the pulse of your business by connecting to enterprise data—even if it resides on-premises.
  • Combine data from multiple sources into a single, trusted BI semantic model that’s easy to understand and use for one version of truth.
  • Connect this model to Power BI for self-service and data discovery by simplifying the view of data and its underlying structure.

Azure Databricks

Analyze large volumes of data quickly by using Power BI with the open source technology of Azure Databricks.

  • Easily connect Power BI Desktop to Azure Databricks clusters using the built-in Apache SparkTM connector.
  • Offload processing to Azure Databricks to optimize performance and get near real-time analysis.
  • Unlock insights from all your data, access advanced automated machine learning capabilities, and build artificial AI solutions.

Apache SparkTM is a trademark of the Apache Software Foundation.

Azure Cognitive Services

Analyze structured or unstructured data using AI-powered features built into Power BI and connect to even more on Azure.

  • Conduct AI sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction, language detection, and image tagging—all built into Power BI.
  • Enrich your data by employing any of the Azure Cognitive Services tools to apply your own custom algorithms.
  • Analyze large volumes of unstructured data, such as online reviews, for deep customer insights.

Azure Data Lake Storage

Get massive scale and flexible storage for all kinds of data to be analyzed using Power BI.

  • Ingest, process, and then analyze your data on a massive scale using Azure Data Lake Storage and Power BI for both structured and unstructured data.
  • Take advantage of Common Data Service to connect to your largest data sets, no matter where they reside.
  • Take advantage of common data model formats that enable developers in your organization to maintain semantic consistency across deployments and line-of-business applications.

Azure Machine Learning Services

Visualize advanced insights using built-in machine learning capabilities in Power BI.

  • Enable business analysts to use machine learning models built by data scientists directly in Power BI.
  • Visualize and invoke insights from these models in your reports, dashboards, and other analytics empowering business users to make decisions with confidence.
  • Point-and-click to add insights from models hosted in Azure Machine Learning Services to Power BI.

See how customers use Power BI and Azure together

"Now we have a single consolidated source of truth that everyone uses, and we can increasingly automate our analysis for a deeper dive into the intricacies of the data."

John Steele

General Manager, Business Technology and Systems, Komatsu Australia

"By integrating different Azure and Microsoft services into Data Intelligence Hub, we can let customers use their favorite tools to perform large-scale data processing directly in the platform."

Robert Neumann

Chief Executive Officer, Ultra Tendency

"The Microsoft Azure platform is helping us rebuild and reinterpret our business in a way that makes it possible for us and our fans to do things that used to be impossible."

José Ángel Sánchez

CEO, Real Madrid C.F.

Simplify big data prep and analysis with Power BI

Learn how to automate preparation and analysis of your largest datasets to efficiently provide insights for those who need them by bringing Power BI and Azure together.

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