Data visualization and storytelling

With Microsoft Power BI, data journalism goes beyond data exploration and allows reporters, bloggers, broadcasters, and analysts to spend their time telling stories. The data visualization tool helps emphasize messages and engage audiences through immersive and data rich stories.

Power BI recently teamed up with renowned visualization expert Alberto Cairo to share the methodology behind graphics and how they can support data storytelling by developing five Data Visualization and Storytelling courses. Receive an overview of the courses by watching the video above and access the classes by clicking on the link below.

See what data journalists are doing with Power BI

KING 5 News chose Microsoft Power BI because of the unique ability to integrate data visualizations on air, desktops and mobile devices. Microsoft also showed it is committed to providing data journalists with the technology to give viewers and readers more insights into data stories.

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Use data visualization to enhance your stories

Do you have the goal of creating compelling data stories that are deeply engaging, capture the audience’s attention, and help others understand the information better? Power BI provides access to powerful analytics tools to help construct interesting data stories while making it easy for journalists to build and share highly interactive data visualizations.

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Distribute interactive visualizations with Power BI

Power BI can help you get the story to the audience. Share your story in just a few clicks with Microsoft Power BI publish to web to embed your data visualization in your blog or website. Reach unlimited views on any device. Edit, update, refresh easily and control what content you publish.

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Learn more about Power BI publish to web for storytelling

The best stories are often interactive, visually pleasing, and include rich data. Power BI publish to web makes it easy for media to weave interactive data visualizations into stories without requiring any code to be written.

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