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Announcing the creation of connected tables in Excel Online

Headshot of article author Shannon Lindsay

In August 2023 we announced new ways to create connected tables in Excel connected to Power BI. Today, we’re happy to announce that this feature is available in Excel online for everyone!

We’ve also been working hard to ensure that all Microsoft 365 update channels are able to use this feature in the Excel desktop application.

Insert a connected table in Excel online

To connect directly to data in your semantic model:

  • Select Data from Power BI on the Data tab of the ribbon

Screenshot of the data tab of the ribbon in Excel online, with an arrow pointing to the Data from Power BI menu item.

  • Use the search feature in the Power BI Datasets pane to find the dataset/semantic model you’d like to connect to and select Insert Table

Screenshot of the Power BI Datasets side pane in Excel Online, with an arrow pointing to the Insert Table button in the AdventureWorks semantic model.

  • Use the Create Table dialog to:
    1. Select data to appear in your table in the Data pane
    2. Apply any filters you’d like in the Filters pane
    3. Rearrange the field order in the Build pane

Screenshot of the Create Table dialog in Excel Online, where users can select data from a Power BI semantic model to appear as a table in a Power BI report.

  • Select Insert Table. You now have a table connected directly to your Power BI semantic model. Just like with other Connected Table experiences, the workbook contains a connection that you can review and modify in the Queries and Connections properties.

Screenshot of a table in Excel Online.

Updates to the Excel desktop application

We have a quick update on the availability of this feature for users of the Excel desktop application.

The connected tables feature is currently available in the M365 Current Channel. It will be available in the Monthly Enterprise Channel in April 2024, and will be rolled out to the Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel in July 2024 as a part of the regular M365 update process. Learn more about Microsoft 365 update channels in our M365 documentation.

To determine which Microsoft 365 Apps update channel your organization is currently using, open any Office application and:

  • Go to File > Account
  • Under the Product Information section, you’ll find the name of the update channel.

Give it a try

To learn more about the connected tables experience in Excel, check out our documentation.

Please leave a comment or question below with your thoughts on using the new connected tables experience, or add an idea to the Microsoft Fabric ideas forum.