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Announcing: The Power BI app is available in Microsoft Teams Mobile

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We’re excited to announce that Power BI in Microsoft Teams is available for Teams mobile. This helps users stay up to date and never miss activity in their Power BI reports and scorecards. Users who have the Power BI app for Microsoft Teams installed and have Teams Mobile installed on their phone or tablet will automatically get the new capability.

Roll-out has started through the Teams app store and we expect it to complete in the next 7 days.

More data on the go

Collaborating is an everywhere activity. Keeping your team in sync and up to date is easier when you enable seamless access to data through mobile devices like phones and tablets. Now users of Microsoft Teams mobile who have the Power BI app for Teams will get faster access to their data and activity.

Animated GIF showing launching the Power BI app in Microsoft Teams mobile from the apps list, viewing recommended items, seeing recent items and opening one.
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After you install the Power BI app in Teams, open your Teams mobile app for iOS or Android. Under the “… More” menu find Power BI and open it.

The app provides recommended items and a list of reports you recently used.

When you open an item, it opens in the Power BI native mobile application for iOS or Android, or in a web browser.  By installing the Power BI native mobile app for your device, you get the best device optimized experience.

The app also enables you to more seamlessly access reports in tabs in your team channels, meetings and chats.

Staying up to date

Catching up on what’s happening and responding quickly is easier when all critical activity is in a single place. The Microsoft Teams activity feed is a perfect way to track and respond to your colleagues. Now, Power BI’s Teams activity feed notifications are available also in your Teams Mobile app.

Animated GIF showing Power BI activity feed notifications in Teams mobile opening in the Power BI native app on a mobile device.
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When a user receives a Power BI notification in Teams it is available in the Teams Mobile activity feed as well. Users can quickly open and even respond without leaving their mobile device.

This is great because when someone shares a report, requests access, or updates a metric, users will get notified in Teams so they can be agile and stay up to date.

Responding to your colleagues with data is easier than ever

Often, people respond to questions sent in Teams conversations from their mobile device. Now that Power BI’s app is available in Teams Mobile, it’s easier than ever to include a Power BI report or scorecard in Teams conversations.

Animated GIF showing a user responding to a Microsoft Teams conversation with a rich card from Power BI's app.
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The Power BI messaging extension is available in Teams Mobile chat experience and works the same way as in Teams Desktop and Web. Just open the app to see your recently used items or search for one. When you insert it, a rich card is added that makes it easy to open and find the item in Power BI.


How to get the most from Power BI by putting data where people work

Making data easier to find and available in the flow of work can help more people in your organization embrace and benefit from a data culture.

We encourage organizations to proactively install the Power BI app for Microsoft Teams. This ensures everyone who needs it has it.

Get inspired for how to use data effectively with your team to make an impact, such as:

We have free online trainings available to help you and your team get started using Power BI.

To learn more how Power BI in Microsoft Teams and PowerPoint can help your organization have more seamless collaboration and to be more data driven, watch our //MSBuild22 presentation – Transform how business intelligence is used with Power BI in PowerPoint and Outlook.

We look forward to seeing how you’ll use these new capabilities at your organization. If you have requests for more capabilities for Power BI, head over to