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Capacity settings for datasets are now in Power BI Premium Gen2

Headshot of article author Ogbemi Ekwejunor-Etchie

The ability to change your capacity settings for datasets is now generally available in Power BI Premium Gen2! These are the same dataset settings that were available in Power BI Premium Gen1. Until now, they were not available in Gen2. Today, as a capacity administrator you can review and change default values for your capacity. It’s a critical tool in optimizing your capacity for resource and query performance. Check out a detailed description and scenario of each setting in Power BI Premium Workload Settings.

How to access Capacity Settings

You can locate these settings in the Capacity Settings page in the Admin Portal under the datasets workload.

This fine grain control over your capacity enables admins to better serve the unique requirements of their users. With the release of these settings in Power BI Premium Gen2, you can further optimize query workloads and safeguard the performance of your capacity. This helps ensure your capacity is performant and utilizing resources efficiently. For customers coming from Gen1, you may need to update settings such as Max Offline Dataset Size if you want to take advantage of the larger dataset sizes on Gen2!

For more information on capacity settings, please refer to the documentation!