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Congratulations to the winners of the What If contest!

Headshot of article author Jessica Cook

A few weeks ago we launched a "What If" contest to promote the release of our new What If feature in Power BI Desktop. Many of you were anticipating this feature for a while now, and we wanted to celebrate its arrival in style!

We received a number of amazing submissions that showed off the creativity and flexibility that What If offers data analysts and report-makers. Each entry was reviewed by Power BI Program Managers Will Thompson and Amanda Cofsky, and they had such a difficult time deciding on a winner that we created two categories of winners: Fun and Business.


What If Winners: Fun Category

Our grand prize winner in the fun category is Tank Wars, by Jason Thomas. This was a very creative use of the sliders, and it has some smart DAX working behind the scenes.

The runners up in the fun category are:

Hangman, by Alex Groberman (judges note: A really clever and genuinely fun game. Plus: fishes!)

Dancing Cat Generator, by David Eldersveld (judges note: The judges are both cat mad so this had to have an honorable mention. Catchy tune as well.)


What If Winners: Business Category

Our grand prize winner in the business category is Profitability with What-if in hierarchy horizontal chart, by Tri Nguyen minh. The judges really liked the visual 'balancing' that viewers can do with the What If sliders. This report is a great way to show the impact of changes at each stage in the hierarchy, and is a clever way of taking advantage of images combined with bars to show the hierarchy visual.

Here are the runners-up in this category. The judges noted that both entries show off the What If feature in a really clear, simple, and business-relevant way.

Objective attainment, by Nicolas Agrapart

Analyse How Increase in Customer Satisfaction Can Maximize Profitability, by community member "ThirdI"

Each of the grand prize winners will receive a Super Swag Prize Pack, while the runners-up will get a Power BI t-shirt.

Thank you so much for your awesome participation! If you missed this contest, there's still time to submit your report to the Timeline Storyteller Custom Visual Contest!