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Embed the wow of Power BI in your applications with Microsoft Power BI Embedded!

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Since day one the Power BI team has been committed to enabling our customers to visualize, explore, and derive actionable insights from their data.  We've done this by breaking down barriers and delivering the best, most delightful Business Intelligence experiences through the Power BI service.  Now we're taking the next evolutionary step by putting Power of BI into the hands of ISV developers that want to build BI directly into modern applications.  

Today at our //Build conference we announced the public preview of a new service on Azure from the Power BI team – Microsoft Power BI Embedded.  This service gives ISV application developers the ability to build powerful applications, leveraging the Power BI service to deliver the stunning, interactive data visualizations and insights within applications that customers demand.  By using the Power BI service, ISVs won’t need to invest in the expense of developing and maintaining their own visualization and BI controls. They are guaranteed that their visualizations will work across all devices, and that they can leverage all of the value and innovation that is constantly being added to the Power BI service. 

The Power BI Embedded service makes it easy to build intelligent apps by giving developers the option to:

  • Create and embed rich interactive reports as part of the native application experience

  • Turn information into insight by lighting up data in new and exciting ways with Power BI out of the box visuals or building new custom visuals

  • Enrich the application by connecting to any of the cloud data sources supported by the Power BI service

  • Help users generate the right insights quickly by keeping data up to date with the Direct Query protocol

  • Keep their users and data secure with existing authentication and authorization infrastructure

By removing the complexities of designing and developing a custom BI solution for applications, and making it available with the scale of Azure, we’ve removed the barriers that previously slowed the development of intelligent enterprise applications.

In fact, we’re already working with a number of leading ISV’s building enterprise applications. These early adopters of the new Power BI Embedded service have exciting examples of intelligent applications:

Milliman, one of the world’s largest providers of actuarial products and services, is leveraging Microsoft Power BI Embedded to enable users to quickly create and share data with interactive reports in Integrate®, an industry-leading financial and risk modeling technology platform. Integrate takes a holistic, forward-looking approach to the automation and governance of actuarial modeling and reporting, unlocking the full potential of actuarial staff.

 “Power BI provides a rich immersive experience for Integrate users, allowing them to visualize and analyze data in one place, simply and intuitively”, says Paul Maher, Chief Technology Officer of Integrate at Milliman.

Milliman made the decision to go with Power BI because it was the only modern cloud-based analytics service in the market that could be embedded in their solution. Maher continues, “Using Power BI, Integrate delivers a scalable and cost efficient solution that meets the ever-growing BI demands of users.”

Microsoft Power BI Embedded has also helped Solomo Technology, a company that offers rich location-based marketing analytics – web-like analytics for physical spaces – in the event, retail and automotive industries. Liz Eversoll CEO of Solomo says, “The new embedded capability will help SOLOMO expand our Event Performance and Marketing Attribution reporting services and bring rich location-based analytics to our customers 70% faster so they can make decisions that increase marketing ROI more effectively. Power BI Embedded provides us the capability to create and publish dynamic reports into our customer’s SOLOMO Insight Portals with the ability to control security for access to the information for the right marketing decision-maker.”

Highspot, a technology company delivering advanced sales enablement tools, is using Microsoft Power BI Embedded to enhance their existing analytics and visualization functionality.  “Using Microsoft Power BI Embedded, we were able to significantly extend our existing analytics. Power BI Embedded reports gives us rich out-of-the-box visuals, sitting side-by-side with Highspot’s built-in reports, providing sales and marketing teams with an industry leading 360-degree perspective on the effectiveness of their sales enablement initiatives.” Said Robert Wahbe, CEO at Highspot.

Nintex, a provider of workflow management solutions is using Microsoft Power BI Embedded in their upcoming analytics solution, Nintex Insight, to easily capture and embed data analytics.  Alain Gentilhomme, Chief Technology Officer at Nintex, says, “We’ve been able to easily embed data analytics in our solution which will provide customers a higher level of business intelligence into their key processes.”

After receiving great feedback from our ISV customers about working together on this evolution of Power BI, we’re thrilled to see the impact in our partner community.

We know you too want to get started building applications for your customers, and you can today! Get started here.

Here's a quick video by our Program Manager Josh Caplan that walks you through this new service in a bit more detail:

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