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Export Power BI report to PowerPoint (Preview)

Headshot of article author Tzvi Keisar

We are very excited to announce another top customer requested feature: Export Power BI report to PowerPoint, currently offered as a Preview feature.

Stop cropping Power BI screenshots to include in a PowerPoint presentation! Now you can export the entire Power BI report to a PowerPoint file. With export, you’ll get:

  • Each report page as a PowerPoint slide
  • Each Power BI visualization in the report as a high-resolution image in PowerPoint (just resize as you wish)
  • Textboxes in the report exported as (editable) textboxes in PowerPoint
  • Links to the live report in Power BI

To export a report to PowerPoint, simply open the report and click File > Export to PowerPoint (Preview)


This process may take a few minutes.


You will be notified when the export process is done:


Check your browser’s download area to download and save the file, then open it in PowerPoint.

For additional details, read the documentation.

A few important notes to be aware of:

  • If you can’t see the Export to PowerPoint button, then your tenant admin probably disabled this feature. Please contact your admin for details.
  • In-session interactivity (highlighting and filtering, drill-down, etc.) is not supported yet when exporting. You will see the original visualizations as they were saved in the report.
  • Custom visuals and R visuals are not supported yet. They will be exported as a blank image to PowerPoint.
  • Reports with more than 15 pages can’t be exported. If your report contains more than 15 pages and you need to export just a bunch of the pages, save a copy of the report with only the needed pages and then export.
  • Background images will be cropped with the chart’s bounding area. It is highly recommended to remove background images from the report before exporting to PowerPoint.
  • The process of exporting the report to PowerPoint might take a few minutes to complete, depends on the structure of the report and the load on the service. Please be patient and wait for completion, this feature is still in Preview.

Please remember this feature is in preview. We opened a community area for you to leave your questions, requests, and any feedback you have: