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Export to PowerPoint is now generally available and looking ahead at what’s coming next

Headshot of article author Christopher Finlan

We are pleased to announce that the ability to export your Power BI reports to PowerPoint is now generally available for customers.  This feature has been in preview for quite some time, and many of you have (rightly) pointed out a number of enhancements we should look at introducing in this area to make it more valuable to you.  We’ve spent the last few months investing significantly in our infrastructure to handle the additional usage we project to see with the introduction of these capabilities.  That work is now completed, and we’re excited to start bringing these features to the Power BI service in the coming months. 

The first of these enhancements, increasing the limit for the number of pages that can be exported, is being rolled out to customers this week.  We’ve increased the limit for customers to 30, up from 15 previously, and we’ll be moving the limit up even higher in the next few months.  The next enhancement you’ll be seeing is the ability to preserve your filters/slicer values for your report pages when you export, followed by the introduction of the ability to export your reports and dashboards to PDF in addition to PPTX.  We'll also be giving you the option to export hidden report tabs, as opposed to always doing so as we do today. 

While these features are being done for exporting the report initially, we’re also looking to add this functionality to e-mail subscriptions.  And with paginated reports being introduced into Power BI Premium in the near future, customers have naturally expected that the robust e-mail subscription capabilities of Reporting Services will be coming as well.  We’re working on several updates in this area as well, with the goal of providing a customer an experience like they have today in SQL Server Reporting Services no matter which report type they’re using.  This includes features like the ability to set a schedule for your e-mail subscriptions, attachment support, and the ability to have the report sent to anyone with an e-mail address inside or outside the organization.   

This is an exciting time for the Power BI team and our customers.  We’re laser-focused on bringing you a single platform that meets the needs of both self-service and Enterprise BI customers, and are excited to announce several of the items we’ve called out in this blog in the near future. 

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